Next Meeting is Friday, March 16th
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Appearing This Month:

 Kicking off this evening is the ever wonderful Doug Fraser.  Doug has played for us quite a few times over the years, his guitar and vocal treatments of contemporary to trad folk always a delight.  We haven’t seen Doug for well over a year, so he’s going to shine up those guitars and play for us.
Second Cab off the rank is Tashi Hall.  I met Tashi a few years ago in the Eastern (once called the Junction and now something else).  It was a line up of local musos, mainly rock stuff, and up stepped this young girl (about 16 back then I think).  A singer songwriter with a great voice, instrumental talent, and immense potential.  After the gig, “Hi, I’m Steve, I’m part of this folk club in Mundaring, would you like to play?”, Tashi’s been back a few times and never fails to please.
The middle of the evening is something totally exciting.  Something I have known about for months  and have been looking forward to for just as long.  Our very own, and much loved, Derrick and Sue Nichols have formed a trio with a multi talented musician, Dave Sparrow, called Chin Wag.  Derrick called and asked for a spot.  Every time I have seen Derrick and Sue play I have been swept away by their beautiful harmonies, gentle musical style and the attention to detail that brings it all together.  I’m excited!
Finally, in the last spot, on this, the eve of St Patrick’s Day, a Trad Irish Super Group.  It’s like the Beatles meet the Rolling Stones, only better.  Put together with the Talents of Jim McGuire from Jim Jam, a vocalist and multi instrumentalist, Fiona Davidson another brilliant vocalist and fiddle player with Twisted Herring (and we know how good THEY are), John Ralph, music teacher, multi instrumentalist, vocalist and president of the WAFF and Denis Gratton and experienced celtic accordion player.  This magical ensemble appears as Maggies Delight.
3rd Friday of the Month 7:30pm @ Mundaring Sporting Club, Coolgardie St, Mundaring, Western Australia
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