Next Meeting is Friday, October 20th
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We start with some local heros, Mr Phil Bourgault and several mates being Blues ConFusion, regulars at the Chidlow Tavern Jam night with beat and soul to get your feet a tappin’.  After playing at the Toodyay 2017 Music Festival, they bring their talent to us.
Speaking of local heros, Mr Kevin McKenna is back, with some of what I am told is “the back catalogue”.  Looking at the performers, Kevin decided a good place to be would be with some old favourites.  Hmmm.. wonder if he’ll play and Dylan (actually, it’s quite likely).  Kevin has been with Mundaring since it started, and is simply a joy to hear.
In the middle of night (as Billy Joel once sang) we have none other than Dilip Parekh.  I met Dilip about (polite cough) years ago and was stunned by this chap with an Indian name and face, and a moderately Irish accent. Dilip is truly an amazing all-rounder musically as well, he does gentle to up-beat folk and, in his other guise, plays in a Funk Band in Freo called Dilip and the Dav’s.  Dilip is totally brilliant, and he hasn’t been up for ages!
Finishing the night will be a pair that, last time they were at the club, brought the house down.  Brett Hardwick and Storme.  To say that Brett is an accomplished guitarist is a bit like saying the galaxy is a quite big place.  Brett plays everything from classical to electric and a few other instruments to boot.  Storme has a voice that must be heard, I understand the Angels were complaining that god gave her the good bits.  They do some Jazz Blues that will knock your socks off!  
3rd Friday of the Month 7:30pm @ Mundaring Sporting Club, Coolgardie St, Mundaring, Western Australia
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