Next Meeting is Friday, May 18th
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Appearing This Month:

So myself, Jane and Mr Soundman, Chris were playing at a do in Mundaring called Habits of Horses.  Later we, as well as Kevin and Halina, were listening to this youngster as she played something recent (like that last year).  Then something a bit older.  Then some Crowded House and then some Beatles.  Expressing my astonishment at the breadth of knowledge in one so young, I was exhorted by my colleagues to invite her to play, which she accepted.  Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my privilege to present Jaylyn Bonnet.
Back in the day when spare time was less of a foreign country I used to frequent Wanneroo Folk Club, wherein I met one Jamie McKinnon.  Actually I’d met him before.  Jamie plays a heap of Trad Irish and Scottish folkie stuff.  A great supporter of the Irish Club in Subi, Jamie is one of those great musos that makes clubs sing!
Now, at a Pub with Halina watching an act we both agreed would be great at the club.  The pair seemed oddly familiar, and Halina said, “that looks like Jesse Woodward”.  The penny dropped and we chatted for a while and we extracted an agreement to play. Jesse Woodward and Hannah Blass play as Braud and Beau (and played for use several years ago).  They play some wonderful music, both be multi-instrumentalists with beautiful voices.  Actually Jesse played his first gig at Mundaring, those of you with long memories might remember the Lazy Railway.
Last on the bill are a truly amazing duo of singer songwriters, none other than Rose Parker and David Hyams.  Rose has recently released a CD (there was a launch at the Fly) and she and David were busy promoting it and will bring it up to us. Rose has been playing for a long time, the earliest I remember being the Velvet Janes in the nineties.  David, of course, features in the amazing Miles to Go band and has been with us in that guise, and also with Rose.  This pair gives a consistently excellent performance.
3rd Friday of the Month 7:30pm @ Mundaring Sporting Club, Coolgardie St, Mundaring, Western Australia
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