Next Meeting is Friday, September 21st
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Appearing This Month:

Kicking off this evening is Tania Martin.  Tania came along to hear Brett and Storme and wrote to me and said she’d love to play.  I got to listen to some of her music and was really impressed, with some magic (and obviously well trained) vocals.  Took me a while but it’s organised and she is bringing a bunch of musos with her.
Second up is “Jane and the Rain”, a duo of Jane Cornes and Neil Seward, both of whom have played for us before and both of whom are accomplished musicians.  Jane has serious experience in the folk game, having been half of Doris a few years ago, playing all the festivals, and Neil has played all over (including with Raelene Bruinsma at the club about a year ago).
In the centre are a duo from Bridgetown, Steve Packer and Karen Hunt, also known as Short and Curly.  They played some years back and were keen to come again, and we are keen to have them.  They blend blues, country and folk as well as touches of r ‘n’ b, doo-wop and reggae into their distinctive style of acoustic roots music.  They create a magic sound and they are not in these parts often, so come and see!
Finally, we present Jarrah Celts, lead by Chris Horgan, who has played for us before fronting the Ferrymen.  Chris is brilliant, but has been busy with his own musical ventures, so it is a pleasure to welcome him back to the sage at Mundaring.  With Chris is Bob Emery, last seen by us with Cobwebs, himself a giant of the folk scene and the other member of the band is none other than Kim Bettenay.  We have been attempting to lure Kim back to the club for ages, and now Chris has done it for us.
3rd Friday of the Month 7:30pm @ Mundaring Sporting Club, Coolgardie St, Mundaring, Western Australia
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