Next Meeting is Cancelled due Corvid 19
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Info about playing at the Club

First, MFnBC is "Folk and Blues" but this is pretty nominal.  That is to say we
cater to an audience that prefers this genre, but not necessarily exclusively.  We
are happy for people to play pop, rock, classical, their own stuff etc.  We would
like to have some idea of what you play, an example is fantastic if you have one,
mainly to ensure a night has a balance of music.
Generally, a spot is 20 - 30 minutes (And our MC is pretty strict.  Most of us
regulars can get away with going 40 seconds over with nothing more than a good
ticking off after the gig)
 The good news is that, mostly, you will get paid.  The bad news is that you
wouldn't want to try supporting any bad habits, like eating, on the strength of what
you will make for a gig.  The amount we pay varies with the numbers through the door
and some nights it will pay for petrol, strings and maybe a beer.  It does tend to
go down from there.
 The upside, of course, is the audience.  Sometimes this can be a bit thin, and
sometimes the people can seem to stretch out to infinity (depending on your nerves)
but they are always keen and supportive.  It is also usually peppered with musicians
and some can find this a bit daunting (I know I do)
 Finally, and most importantly for non-local artists, we meet on the third Friday
of the month.  If the only day you'll be in Perth is a Wednesday, you won't be able
to play for us.  Assuming you can cope with all of this, please let us know by
Sending us an Email

3rd Friday of the Month 7:30pm @ Mundaring Sporting Club, Coolgardie St, Mundaring, Western Australia
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