Next Meeting is Cancelled due Corvid 19
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Appearing This Month:

Dear Friends,

It is with huge regret and only after extensive deliberation that we are now left with no choice but to cancel this month’s show (Friday 20th March).
We can not ignore the situation nor our responsibility to you our audience and the artists.
Please accept our sincere apologies and know we are acting in your best interests.
We will keep in touch and let you know when we are able to resume.
In the interim, stay safe and wash your hands!
See you on the other side
Taking full advantage of, and presenting another of our own to open proceedings, stage manager Ben Bulla (guitar-vocal) began studying guitar in school days.  Spoon fed on rock n roll’s icons, his influences were corrupted soon after being introduced to some of us at MFnBC.  Two years later & now the proud owner of an Advanced Diploma in Music Performance he continues to develop what is already an impressive guitar technique appreciated by his peers and seniors alike. Featured at the recent Darlington Pavilion and Australia Day concerts Ben is now adapting the ancient art of storytelling in self-penned songs to complement an extensive repertoire borrowed from the “Hall of Fame.“
Moving at a steady cantor into second spot, is new act singer/songwriter LATEHORSE.  Shane Thomson (guitar-vocal), the man behind the name, dabbled with guitar from the age of 8, but the calling wasn’t apparent until later years. Growing up in the jarrah forest near Kirup, WA, the balladeer with bright vocal lilt & melodious sing-a-long tunes developed writing skills that “ shines light on often dark subject matter”.  Citing the little known and underrated Tallest Man on Earth plus Ray Montagne and Passenger as influences, Shane has 2 Ep’ releases to his name plus a recent WA Music nomination for “Two Streets”, one of three singles also available. Having performed at Nannup & Bridgetown festivals, Latehorse also represented WA at Canberra’s prestigious National Festival

Now for something completely different…

Conceived with the idea of performing “novelty songs” after experiencing the English A Capella trio Artisan, the Ball Point Penguins comprising of Colleen Dixon, Kerry Egan & Tim Fisher (vocals) realised fairly quickly their original comic material was being better received than covers.  Performing since 2003 they present a stylish package concealing a subversive wit and alternate view of everyday appliances.  These A Capella comedians “storm the intellectual barricades of right minded people with classic mischief - from Python to Lehrer”.  The trio will formally retire and take flight in April after 17yrs performing at festivals Australia wide.  

Originating from Sydney, but worlds apart in musical backgrounds, Helen Townsend (guitar-vocal) and Shannon Smith (guitar-vocal) combine their distinctive individual flavours to the melting pot of Helen’s songs.  Influenced by American female legends Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch and Emmylou Harris the Fremantle based singer / songwriter who made her debut in 2011 was nominated for awards soon after with her first Ep release “Wayward Heart”.
In complete contrast, Shannon emerged from the world of tribute bands – the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Beach Boys playing fringe festivals & corporate events suggesting this collaboration may not have gelled.  Having just completed two tours of NSW and appearances at last week’s Nannup Festival, this is obviously not the case.
Helen is now a multi award winning artist “looking life in the eye & singing what we don’t always see”.  Her 2019 album “Little Lover” commends her as WA’s emerging artist (country / folk) including single of the year.
3rd Friday of the Month 7:30pm @ Mundaring Sporting Club, Coolgardie St, Mundaring, Western Australia
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